Discover new possibilities with first premolar extraction solution.

InvisalignG6 first premolar extraction solution is engineered to improve clinical outcomes of severe crowding or bi-maxillary treatments requiring extraction and planned for maximum anchorage.

SmartForce® features and SmartStage technology are designed to provide more precise control of individual and multiple tooth movements.

We understand that when treating patients with severe crowding or bi-maxillary protrusion usually requiring first premolar extraction with maximum anchorage, you want to:

  • Ensure predictability of tooth movement to optimise clinical outcomes.

  • Maintain root parallelism during canine retraction.

  • Maintain posterior anchorage.

  • Maintain vertical control.

SmartForce features and SmartStage technology.

InvisalignG6 first premolar extraction solution is engineered to provide vertical control and root parallelism with predictable outcomes in first premolar extraction treatments with maximum anchorage.

SmartForce features.

Designed to deliver force systems necessary to achieve predictable tooth movement.

  • New Optimized Retraction Attachment designed to work with SmartStage technology for effective bodily movement during canine retraction, with or without elastics.

  • Optimized Anchorage Attachments are designed to work with SmartStage technology to maximize posterior anchorage (up to 2 mm of posterior mesial crown movement can be programmed in the ClinCheck® treatment plan).

SmartStage technology.

Designed to optimise tooth movement progression.

  • Aligner Activations engineered to eliminate both unwanted tipping and anterior extrusion during retraction.

Additional features.

In addition to SmartForce features and SmartStage technology, InvisalignG6 offers you a few more features to meet your needs even better.

Redesigned pontic.

  • Is designed to enable Invisalign Providers to provide a more aesthetic treatment option for patients.

  • Redesigned pontic adjusts in size as the tooth space is opened or closed to avoid overlapping adjacent teeth, improving aligner contact for enhanced control and aesthetics.

Convenience feature for power arm placement.

  • To facilitate the use of ancillaries such as power arms, this new feature accommodates the placement without the need to trim aligners thereby saving time for Invisalign Providers.

  • Available on any tooth.

Expanded compatibility of Precision Cuts.

Optimized Attachments have been modified to accommodate Precision Cuts on the canine.

  • Enables the use of elastics for extraction space closure treatments or any treatments requiring elastics.

  • Within the patient prescription form, a direct link to the drag-and-drop Precision Cuts interface makes it easier to set up a treatment with Precision Cuts.

  • Unless indicated differently, Precision Cuts are now automatically set to Hooks on canines and Button Cutouts on first molars.

Learning resources.

Do you want to learn even more about Invisalign's first premolar extraction solution? Below you will find two video tutorials that you can watch at any time, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section.

The Science behind InvisalignG6 first premolar extraction solution.

The InvisalignG6 clinical protocols.

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